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Body Memory
It is important in your training that you follow the Keys to Perfect Technique on every martial arts technique you learn. After being shown the correct way to perform a technique, it is extremely important to practice. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

5 Keys to Perfect Technique

The Keys to Perfect Technique should be practiced in every taekwondo exercise that you perform: drills, forms, one-step sparring, bag work, free sparring and board breaking. Perfect practice leads to excellent Body Memory, which is how your body will react in a stressful situation.


1. Focus

Look at your target. Be aware of exactly what part of your body is attacking or defending against the exact point of your target area.

2. Stance

A stance is at once a foundation and an exercise. A strong stance is virtually immovable, and yet correctly performed, a stance eventually becomes difficult to maintain.

3. Timing

The precise moment at which all of your Taekwondo power and technique comes together.

4. Reaction Force

Newton's Third Law of Motion: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

5. Breathing

Relax your breathing. Exhale and tighten your stomach muscles as you execute the technique.