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A five-star martial arts school located in Denton, Texas!
Voted TOP 3 for 2014 - 2017 Best of Denton!

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30 Year Anniversary!
2017 Best of Denton TOP 3!

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Denton Taekwondo Academy Students in Action!

Our children and adult students learn martial arts for self-defense, and enjoy perfecting taekwondo techniques. Sparring is energetic yet respectful. We pride ourselves on quality instruction in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Board Breaking* Videos:  6-year-old boy     16-year-old-girl
*Note: Red and Black Belts are required to break boards at testing to show power, focus and technique. If they do not break their boards, they do not pass....


Demo Team

Sparring Videos:  Video1 (3 MB)     Video2 (4 MB)

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Photo Gallery

Hunter scores on Zack at black belt testing spin heel kick at black belt testing
Kids bowing in to taekwondo class
Red Belt adult taekwondo sparring
Adult martial arts - San Su block
Black Belt instructor - Knife Hand Lesson
Advanced Adult taekwondo Sparring
Couples Martial Arts Training
Kids Side Kick
adult flying side kick
Blue Belt Kids Forms
Chuck Norris
Obligatory Chuck Norris photo: Chuck Norris visits Little Rock circa 1980.
Michelle kicks high
James tests for black belt
ready ...   set ...

James tests for taekwondo black belt
too much taekwondo training

Above: In fact, we might be training them a little too well! (Mr. Rogers, Mr. Eric J., and Mrs. Rogers pose for a photo op at the Black Belt Testing Results Party.)
Below: The Retake.

The Retake

Sister does it better

Ms. Danielle J. learns from her big brother's mistakes!