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A five-star martial arts school located in Denton, Texas!
Voted TOP 3 for 2014 - 2017 Best of Denton!

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30 Year Anniversary!
2017 Best of Denton TOP 3!

Enthusiasm is a major aspect of our course's success. It is the Instructor's responsibility to motivate the class to work at its highest potential, and it is the student's duty to help the Instructor achieve that goal!

Rules and Regulations

1.   Students must observe the Student Oath and Tenets at all times.

2.   Tuition must be kept current.

3.   Guests are always welcome but are the responsibility of the member.
      No unsupervised "non-member" children.

4.   Yellow Belts and above must wear the appropriate uniform in class.
      No "non-taekwondo" T-shirts. No jewelry except plain wedding bands.

5.   Students may not come in late or leave early without permission
      of the Instructor.

6.   Instructor-approved water bottles are allowed in class, but only for
      hydration during breaks at the side of the room.

7.   Alcohol is not allowed to be consumed before class.

8.   Students will not teach Taekwondo to anyone unless directed to do so
      by the Instructor.

9.   Students under the age of 15 can be dropped off no earlier than 15
      minutes before class nor be picked up no later than 15 minutes after
      class. Please do not drop off earlier than 4:00 for open workout.

10. Please advise the office of absences longer than 1 week.