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About Ms. Kimber Summers Sabulsky

Kimber Summers has been training in taekwondo since 1989, earning the rank of First Degree Decided Black Belt in 1991, and Certified Instructor and Second Degree Black Belt in 1993. She served as Head Instructor of Denton Taekwondo Academy from 1993-1994, teaching both beginner and advanced students four days each week.

During this time Ms. Summers was a regular competitor on the tournament circuits of the ATA and AUMA, winning Women's Grand Champion five times.

In 1994, she began attending law school, as well as took a full-time job in Dallas, so she was forced to leave her position at the Academy.

Yet somehow between her studies and working at a "real job," Ms. Summers found the time to go for her Third Degree Black Belt Decided, achieving that rank in 1999. Kids and grown-ups alike make a special point of attending her classes whenever possible. She has written an article on the philosophy and finer points of taekwondo. Great stuff—check it out!

Rank Achievements
1st Degree Black Belt Recommended 6/15/1991
1st Degree Black Belt Decided 12/17/1991
2nd Degree Black Belt Decided 8/21/1993
3rd Degree Black Belt Decided 8/14/1999